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Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Future Pacing

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

NLP provides processes and techniques for personal change and growth by facilitating the elimination of the painful emotions attached to memories or events in the past. NLP also focuses on what we can learn from those events and use what we learn as a resource for the future.

NLP Future Pacing

Future pacing is a NLP technique where clients see themselves in a future where they can access a productive state or strategy to achieve a goal. There are many uses of future pacing:

  1. To improve a client’s mental state at a specific time in the future

  2. To mentally rehearse the states and strategies the client want to access in the future

  3. Help clients to improve their performance in many situations and anchor this change in

I use this technique with clients who are looking to make career changes and want to see what there next steps should be

How does Future Pacing work?

  1. By making a future event physically real to the client.

  2. The mind processes both imagination and reality the same

  3. It stores the experience as a memory (even if it hasn’t actually happened)

  4. Future Pacing anchors the state by seeing a future event as already having occurred.

  5. The sense of achieving an important outcome (even one that has not occurred), changes belief about how it can be achieved, and this improves the ability to achieve it.

Watch our video on NLP Timeline work at:

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